Marcel Benček - ENPRO

Freelance IT consultant and developer of Internet, intranet applications and web sites. SEO and consulting. since 2001

Tell me what you want to achieve, and I will show you how.

Internet Applications

publicly available applications available to a wide range of Internet users with registration. Optimized for performance and efficiency of data transferred. Used existing CMS solutions and frameworks.

  • Web site - presentation
  • community portals
  • Facebook fanpage

Intranet applications

customized applications for businesses. Used by staff and possibly business clients or related entities. Optimized for safety and fewer users. Fundamentally unique solutions.

  • CRM - Customer Management
  • LMS - Education
  • analysis and display of data


Updating an existing site design. Adding functionality. Improving communication with search engines. Components into existing software solutions. Joining systems.

  • Remake Flash to a dynamic HTML
  • Design renewal
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO


To be on-line as soon as possible is crucial. Investment in advanced features makes sense only after a project begins to generate revenue or traffic.


Apache, MySQL, PHP

Opensource basis for building dynamic Internet and Intranet applications. These technologies run on so called back-end, or server side and generate web pages that are transferred over internet to the users web browser. All presented projects were delivered on this basis.


Basic technologies and programming languages for web sites. Web server creates an HTML document, the browser displays it by the CSS rules and JavaScript delivers dynamic functionality.

jQuery, Bootstrap, Smarty

First two technologies are frameworks to accelerate and facilitate the creation of modern websites. jQuery helps to create reliable code running in different browsers and combines HTML with JavaScript to the flexible tool. Smarty separates the presentation layer from the application logic and data.

Ubuntu server, Windows Server

Operating Systems operate the server hardware and provide the basis for other applications, such as database, web server, mail server and more. I started with Microsoft IIS. Later I switched to Ubuntu server, which is a free, powerful, and offers wide range of applications.


Virtualization technologies are now an indispensable part of the information infrastructure. It allows the distribution and sharing of hardware performance while running multiple operating systems. For my projects I use VMWARE ESXi which is available for free.


My main focus now is the programming and web design and is in second place. Familiarity with working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks. Graphics do not create but edit the existing. Our clients recommend book graphics for your service to or know how to convey TemplateMonster deliver customized graphics from other suppliers.

Being online does not mean the battle is over. Immediate success after web page launch is rather an exception. Prepare for analyzing visitor behavior, community building, content creation and acquisition of user confidence. This phase is time consuming and more expensive as it may seem at first glance.


Mgr. Marcel Benček - ENPRO
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Final thought

They often approached me with a request: To be on the first page of a Google search results. I ask them: "Consider, why Google should prefer your new site compared to web pages with stable traffic and community?

My advice is: "Target yourself to visitors. Fill the page with interesting content. Connect to social networks and make an inexpensive marketing campain. Google tracks user behavior and identifies how much time they spend on your page and click on it in search results. If you do so, then the page will gradually appear higher and higher."